emily, me, maggie
emily, me, maggie
Brynn Houska
Atlanta, Georgia
2016. University of Georgia
Lamar Dodd School of Art, BFA in Scientific Illustration

m y   s t y l e :  the atmosphere here is very casual and relaxed. formality isn’t thrown out the window, there’s no disregard towards it, but the focus is simply on other things. food, baby. food, jokes, and life. “don’t take me too seriously over here”. my hope is that you find this style refreshing, light-hearted, and fun.

I love to eat. I am always looking forward to the next meal. I get excited about breakfast when I go to bed. I love to share photos of what I have been cooking and write about the life that follows. I have a creative drive and a passion for everything food. I love creating recipes and expressing my love for eating through my blog. food is incredible and what is even more amazing is the life that goes with it. food embodies our culture and our lives. there is so much more to food than eating it, though that is my favorite part. every dish has a story to tell.

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